Somaliland Cabinet

The ultimate decision-making body of the Executive within our government

The Somaliland Cabinet of Ministers, are headed by the President of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mahamoud Silanyo, and run the day to day operations of the Government of Somaliland. Although appointed by the president in the form of a Presidential Decree, the members of the council of Ministers are approved by the Somaliland house of representatives (Somaliland Parliament). The Council of Ministers consists of 26 Ministers, 8 State Ministers and 24 Vice-Ministers. The Council meets every Thursday with the President at the Presidency.

Mr. Mohamoud Hashi Abdi

Minister of presidency

Mr. Yasiin H. Mohamoud Hiir (Faraton)

Minister of Interior 

Miss, Zamzam Abdi Adan

Minister of Finance

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Aadan


Minister of Planning and National Development

Mr. Ahmed Farah Adarre

Minister of Justice

Mr. Abdullahi Ibrahin Habane

Minister of Education and Higher Education

Dr. Salebaan Eise Ahmed

Minister of Healthy

Mr. Ahmed h. Ali Adami

Minister of Defence

Mr. Omar Shu’ayb Mohamed

Ministry of Commerce & Investment

Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Dahir  

Minister of Livestock

Mr. Mohamoud  Sheikh Abdulahi Ege

Minister of Post and Communications

Mr. Ali Hassan Mohamed

Minister of Public Work, Housing and Transportation

Sh. Khalil Abdullahi Ahmed

Minister of Religious Affairs

Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Obsiiye

Minister of Labour and Social Development

Mr. Ali Jama Farah

Minister of Fisheries

Mr. Hussein Abdi Du’aale

Minister of Mineral Resources And Energy

Mr. Abdirasaq Waberi Robleh

Minister of Sports and Youth

Mahamed Aw Dahir Ibrahim

Minister of Agriculture

Mr. Farhan Ahmed Aadan

Minister of Civil Aviation

Mr. Osman Abdilahi Sahardid Adaani

Minister of Information and awareness

Miss. Shukri Ismael Bandare

Minister of Rural Development and Environment

Mr. Shu’ayb Mohamed Muse

Minister of Industry

Mr. Hussein Abdi Bos

Minister of Water

Mr. Kadar Haji Yousuf Abdilahi

Minister of Culture and Tourism


Mr. Mohamed Mouse Abees

State Minister of Precedency

Mr. Mohamed Mouse Dirie

State Minister of Interior

Mr. Abdi-wahid Abdirahman Abdiqadir

State Minister of Agriculture

Mr. Mohamed Mahile Boqore

State Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dr.  Yusuf Isma’il Umal (Yucubole)

State Minister of Finance

Mr. Abdi-rashid Husen Abdille (Arab

State Minister of Eastern Regions

Mr. Ahmed Nuur Fahiye

State Minister of Civil Aviation

Mr. Mahdi Osman Abdillahi

State Minister of Water Resource

Eng. Abdirahman Ahmed Isma’il

State Minister of Mineral Resources And Energy

Mr. Abdi-salan Mohamed Axmed Hassan

State Minister of Rural Development and Environment

Mr. Abdi-rashid Mohamoud Hamud Ali

State Minister of Livestock

Mr. Abdi Dahir Amud

Mr. Abdi Dahir Amud

Mr, Mohamoud Warsame Jama

Sate Minister of Commerce and Investment

Mr. Mustafe Farah Abrar

Sate Minister of defence

Md. Maxamed Axmed Aadan 

Sate Minister of Information and Awareness 

Md. Maxamuud Aadan Jaamac

Sate Minister of Health

Md. Khadar Axmed Diiriye

Sate Minister of justice


Mr, Ahmed Hashi Abdi

Deputy Minister of Presidency

Mr. Hasan Dahir Dhimbil

Deputy Minister of Health

Mr. Adan Mohamed Ashaqar

Deputy Minister of Agriculture

Mr. Ahmed Hussen Roble (Ahmed Joqor)

Deputy Minister of Education and higher education

Mr. Yusuf Osman Garas

Deputy Minister of Industry

Mr. Ali Mohamed Elmi (Gadhdher)

Deputy  Minister of Livestock

Mr. Yusuf Ahmed Farah

Deputy Minister of justice

Mr. Ali Mohamoud Ali Samatar

Deputy Minister of Posts and Communications

Mr. Nuur Ossmaan Guled

Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs

Mr. Rashid Isma’il Kahin

Deputy Minister of Sports and Youth

Mr. Ali Ahmed Mohamed (Dhagole)

Deputy Minister of Finance

Mr. Guleed Mohamed Shire

Deputy Minister of Civil Aviation

Mr. Mohamed Sheikh Omar Hassan

Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism