Somaliland Vice President

Hon. Abdirahman Abdilaahi Ismail (Saylici)

Somaliland’s Vice-President Honorable Abdirahman Abdilaahi Ismail was born on 28 October 1956 in the Salal region of Somaliland in a town called Zayla. Mr. Ismail undertook his primary and intermediate education in the same town. He then moved on to Hargeisa for his higher education. Between 1975-1979 he attended the Hargeisa Technical Institute where he graduated as a construction Engineer.

Honorable Abdirahman Abdilaahi Ismail was a successful business man for an extended period of time running his own construction company. His construction company BCC- Borama construction company contributed immensely to the building of many regions of Somaliland between 1980 to 2002.

Mr. Ismail joined the Kulmiye party and became the vice-chair of the Kulmiye party and in the same year he was nominated for the vice-presidency position.
In the presidential elections of 2010, Honorable Abdirahman Abdilaahi Ismail was elected to become the Vice-President of Somaliland.